Brands Are People Too

Tevelady MEDIA is proud to share our latest project – a dynamic new website – with you. is an ideal example of why branding is so important today. Everyone, every thing is a brand. Sometimes it’s hard to see yourself as an actual brand, but you are.

When our friend, Laura Okmin, came to us in need of a website, we were delighted she would also become our client. Not only is she a powerful voice in the world of sports, but she’s also a leader for empowering women. And, speaking of women … the three of us had a great time working with each other. Laura and Lori go way back and often reminisced about their days covering football together, which meant Cindy got to learn everything she ever needed to know about sports. We shared stories of life, love and books. Cindy even got engaged!! We had some laughs and maintained a completely collaborative process throughout this project.

We became familiar with everything about Laura’s “brand” and proceeded to develop a dynamic, storytelling focused site. Throughout Laura’s years of experience as a sports reporter, she has told countless stories about others. From cool videos of Laura fishing with Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher in her PROfiles series to going with Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers to visit his hometown of Chico, CA, to seeing her GALvanize girls around the country, we had a lot of compelling content to work with to make Laura’s website come to life and accurately reflect her “brand.”

OK, it may have taken a little convincing for Laura to be comfortable with an entire website being all about HER, but we knew her message of trust, purpose and believing in yourself had to be shared. In fact, Laura taught us some important life lessons along the way!

At Tevelady MEDIA, we’ll make it easy for your target market to get to know what you’ve got for them. We are strong believers in engaging your audience through multiple touchpoints with omnichannel marketing efforts to attract the consumer with a seamless experience. Each channel needs to accurately represent your brand clearly and organically. We’ll make sure all the content tells your story.  Don’t just say what you do, but let your audience really get to know you. Let them learn about your brand’s personality and inspire them to be moved by your messaging or to take action.

Connecting to a market is all about branding – who you are, what you offer and why anyone should be interested. Whether you’re branding a product, a service or a personality, it’s critical to do so with insight and experience.  We tap into visual branding with impactful videos, entertaining photos and important text. We create a story.  A story you want to hear and see.  Let’s start telling your story … together.