Let Them Know You Care

The cause is important. The numbers are staggering. One in 10 young adults will face homelessness each year. So, when we were asked to put our Tevelady MEDIA direct response television skills to work, we were excited to play a role in helping raise money for such an important cause. Covenant House is the largest charity dedicated to helping children find safety, shelter and opportunity. For over 40 years, Covenant House has helped more than 1.5 million youth transform their lives. And now, Tevelady MEDIA is getting this critical message out via television.

Covenant House U.S. had never tried television before, but their colleagues to the north recently had success with a direct response television campaign in Canada. Our production plan for the TV commercial incorporated some of the powerful footage from the Canadian spot along with captivating storytelling from existing assets within the Covenant House library. By using the right music, video, sound bites, graphics and voice over, our commercial generates an emotional reaction and compels viewers to make a monthly or one-time donation.

Within the commercial, we added an exclusive free gift as an incentive for potential donors. This is an important component of the DRTV strategy. We knew a blanket would be a perfect complement to the program and sourced a soft, fleece custom blanket. When selecting the blanket and packaging, we were mindful of the size, weight and flexibility in order to qualify for the most economical postage rate. We also needed to get the proper fulfillment center on board to manage the shipment of the blankets as well as the donor acknowledgement. The blanket we designed is now in the hands of donors who pledged only $19 a month to this worthy cause!

Next, we identified a call center to handle the influx of calls to come at all hours of the day and night. Developing the script, training the agents and anticipating the many questions people might ask are essential elements to ensure a successful DRTV campaign. We provided the necessary verbiage for operators standing by to take donations.

With the TV spot complete, the media buying in place, the custom Covenant House website landing page ready to go, the blankets in the warehouse and the phone calls ready to be answered, we launched our campaign on January 14th. We’re analyzing the media, assessing stations and dayparts, monitoring calls, giving feedback to agents, tweaking scripts and working hard to ensure this campaign succeeds.

Take a look at our spot. We hope it compels you to pick up your phone or go online to SupportCovenantHouse.org to fund this critical cause. You can even wrap yourself warmly in a soft, fleece blanket as a thank you!

DRTV campaigns incorporate our three favorite words: Strategizing. Digitizing. Sharing.

We’re ready to help you get your message/product/cause out to the public in a big, meaningful way, just like we did for Covenant House!